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Cheerleading, Tumbling, & Gymnastics

Spirit Zone has proven to be a dominant force in the all-star cheer industry.

Our goal is to not only develop champions on the floor, but to exhibit the self-respect, confidence and work-ethic of a champion in all areas of life.

In addition to our All-Star Cheerleading Program, we have incredible recreational tumbling

and gymnastic programs designed for every ability level. Our talented staff will give each

athlete the proper training to ensure a happy, safe, and successful experience.

The Spirit Zone staff has proven that we can provide a competitive edge without compromising the integrity that true athletes need to be successful not only as an athlete, but in life. At Spirit Zone, our athletes will be taught solid technique and strong fundamentals in all areas of athletics, but the most important lessons they will learn are the priceless life skills that encourage COMMITMENT, SPORTSMANSHIP, RESPECT FOR SELF and OTHERS. These lessons are taught in a supportive, safe, and positive atmosphere.

It is the hope of Spirit Zone that every member develops lasting friendships, self confidence,

a strong sense of gym pride, and great memories that they will carry forever. 

Whether you are looking to join a competitive team or take a recreational class, Spirit Zone has something to offer athletes of all ages! 

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Spirit Zone is a family owned business opened in 2005. Seventeen seasons have allowed for extensive growth and experience in the All-Star Cheerleading world. All of our coaching staff are certified and background checked. We collectively offer more than 100 years of coaching experience!

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So grateful for this amazing gym, this amazing team these ladies are apart of, and the amazing coaches we have! we are bomb squad proud and bomb squad strong!

Tiffany B.


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1160 SE Century Drive, Lees Summit, MO 64081


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